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US Model 1842 Ames Boxlock Navy Pistol


US Model 1842 Ames Boxlock Navy Pistol – The Model 1842 Navy pistol was the first U.S. martial percussion pistol produced under government contract. N. P. Ames manufactured approximately 2000 Navy Model 1842 pistols between 1842 and 1847. This gun has the usual 6″ .54 caliber smooth bore barrel which measures about 11-3/4″ overall. This U.S. Navy Model 1842 percussion pistol, was manufactured by N. P. Ames of Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1845. The pistol has the unique box lock action and is fitted with a swivel-mounted, button head, iron ramrod. The tang, lock plate and smoothbore barrel have an un-cleaned, brown finish; the hammer retains some casehardening. The trigger guard, barrel band and round butt-cap are brass. The stock is black walnut with its original oil finish. The lock plate is marked, “U.S.N./1845″ vertically at the rear and “N. P. AMES/SPRINGFIELD/MASS” in three parallel lines below the hammer. The top of the barrel is unmarked, with the exception of an inspector’s stamping – “P”. The stock exhibits no inspector’s marks.

Condition: Overall – very good. Gun retains some original browning on the barrel, with some minor pitting. Lock and hammer exhibit dark gray, with some spotted, minor areas of oxidation. All markings remain clear. Brass furniture is in very good condition, exhibiting an un-cleaned age patina. Mechanically functional, bore very good with scattered pitting. Stock exhibits some minor age dings, but retains its nice, original finish; there is one very thin crack in the stock, from the trigger guard to the barrel band; there is a small, shallow chip of wood missing near the lock screw. The pistol is completely original and in good working order.