ALEXANDRIA, VA Ovoid Stoneware Jar

Finely-potted, one-gallon ovoid jar with rounded rim, pulled, arched handles, and  profuse cobalt decoration consisting of a horizontally-oriented floral motif terminating in a 5-petal blossom on the front, three vertical “crows feet” on the rear, and cobalt dabs at end of each handle.  Not marked, but clearly a product of the Wilkes Street Pottery in Alexandria, VA, and probably made during the management or ownership of B. C. Milburn in the 1830s or 1840s.  Excellent overall condition with a 1” chip at the base, ½” flake to the top of one handle, slight roughness to the end of the same handle, small glazed-over nick to the rim, several kiln marks, and out-of round top which occurred during firing.  9 3/8” tall X 5 3/8” wide at the base. SOLD.

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