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Antebellum to Civil War Period Leather Trunk Made in Charleston, SC (Sold)

Antebellum to Civil War Period Leather Trunk Made in Charleston, SC – This fine, brown saddle leather, traveling trunk was constructed by the McKensie Saddlery and Coach Harness Manufactory, located on Church St. in Charleston, SC, some time in the early to mid-1850s, just prior to the Civil War. The trunk is in good, strong condition; there is some cracking to the leather, but nothing that significant. The original lock is in place and the interior retains its original linen lining and its original maker’s label that reads:



Harness Manufacturer

Corner of Church & Chalmers St.


On one end of the trunk is artfully painted in white, surrounded by a white, laurel wreath, superimposed on a black painted oval, the initials (in a fanciful lettering motif) of the original owner and their state of residence: “S.B.R.  SC”. Next to this lettering is pasted a period hotel shipping label for “JANNEY’S HOTEL   COLUMBIA, SC”. This hotel was established in Columbia in the early 1850s.  On the opposite end of the trunk, also painted in white lettering, superimposed on a black painted oval, surrounded here by a simpler, white painted oval are the initials (more plainly lettered): “S.B.R. sc”. According to the Charleston Museum, regarding McKensie’s business location: “The original location of the building has not been confirmed. The actual engraving (image attached here from the Charleston Museum) has ‘No. 135 Church Street Charleston’ at the bottom; however, the 1852 City Directory lists them at the corner of Church and Chalmers Streets.” This is a great example of an antebellum, southern made, traveling trunk.

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