Antebellum to Civil War Period Shoes



Antebellum to Civil War Period Shoes – These two shoes, although not an exact matching pair, are very close in construction and date, so could readily lend themselves to be displayed, as a pair. Finding original period shoes, from the mid-19th century, is quite difficult. These shoes are most definitely from the Civil War period, and actually appear to originate from a markedly earlier date. Both shoes have soles attached by a combination of wooden pegs and nails; they both have two pairs of lace eyelets on each upper section and exhibit some obvious hand-made elements, as well. These shoes are the type often seen being worn, in period photographs, by Civil War and antebellum gentlemen,, as well as army and navy officers. Both shoes are in good condition and would exhibit very well with period clothing or uniforms. These are a rare find.SOLD

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