Battlefield Pickup 12 lb. Confederate Case Shot Cannonball


Battlefield Pickup 12 lb. Confederate Case Shot Cannonball –Perry Adams was asked, a short while ago, by family descendants, to clean out the old Moore “home place”, a c. 1910 home, now resting upon an early 19th century stone foundation, in Dinwiddie County, Va. The home was a veritable time capsule; therein, we found many interesting antiques, including artifacts relating to a former occupant, Columbus Raleigh Moore (1842-1937). Moore, at the Civil War’s onset, had enlisted initially into Company A of the Virginia Lunenburg “Rebel” Light Artillery; late in the war, in the winter of 1865, Moore transferred into the 18th Virginia Infantry. During the course of his service in the 18th Va., Moore participated in the Battle of Five Forks, a site within walking distance from his ancestral home. Within Moore’s old family home, we found several things related to his Civil War service, including a number of early battlefield pickup relics. We discovered a broken Enfield, P53 musket, M1863 U.S. horse bit, pairs of military stirrups, as well as other smaller items. In addition, we discovered this 12 lb. CS case shot,that has never been in the ground, nor fired. The shell remains in superior, non-dug condition, with its brass fuse holder, now exhibiting a nicely patinated green color; it remains firmly in place; when the ball is shaken you can hear loose canister within the shell. The side-loading plug is the iron variety, exhibiting the requisite two, wrench ports. As with most of these CS type cannonballs, an obvious mold seam remains clearly visible. We presume that Private Moore may have brought souvenirs of his experience home, after visiting the Five Forks battlefield, shortly after his time in the Confederate Army; therefore, the battlefield, non-dug items we discovered, we believe, were among the souvenirs that Private Moore brought home. We have had the cannonball disarmed, so it is safe for display.

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