Battlefield Pickup Boyle & Gamble Saber Bayonet


Battlefield Pickup Boyle & Gamble Saber Bayonet – This rare, Confederate, Richmond-made saber bayonet was part of a long time relic hunter’s collection. The bayonet has been completely painted in “radiator paint” quality gold and may have been in an old GAR hall, as we have encountered many early battlefield relics, from GAR halls, painted in the same fashion. This bayonet, although in fair condition, is missing the distinctively shaped pommel and associated adapter button; the weapon was made to fit on to a gun barrel via an adapter ring. The cross guard and handle are one-piece of cast brass; the ring that fit over the gun barrel is dented inward, indicative of having been struck with some significant force, possibly during the course of intense combat. Overall length of the bayonet is: 26”; the steel blade measures: 21.5”; the blade fuller measures: 12.5” . This is a rare weapon and most likely a prized GAR hall relic.

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