The Young Falconer OOC

C. 1845 – 1860 American Painting of a Young Falconer


C. 1845 – 1860 American Painting of a Young Falconer: This oil on canvas painting is unsigned; it was discovered in a mid-19th century house in Virginia and is in a period, fine rosewood frame. The painting is on its original stretcher; the canvas is stenciled on the back “Prepared by Edward Dechaux, New York.” Dechaux was a well-established purveyor of art supplies, in New York, between 1836 and 1860. The size of the canvas is also stenciled on the back, as well – “18 x 24”. The canvas is in overall good condition, but certainly could benefit from a cleaning. There are some old, tape repairs to the back of the canvas, although there are no apparent holes or weak areas. The frame measures as follows: 27.50” x 21.15”; the sight size of the painting measures as follows: 23.5” x 17.25”. This is an interesting painting, well-executed, with a tinge of folk element in the composition. ON HOLD

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