C. 1845 to Civil War Period Civilian High Styled Civilian Vest

C. 1845 to Civil War Period Civilian High Styled Civilian Vest – This vest, constructed of a colorful, plaid satinette front panel and brown polished cotton back panel, dates, most likely, to the antebellum era. Indicative of this time period is the absence of the Civil War period size, back, adjustment straps and japanned or brass, adjustment buckle; size adjustments on this vest were accomplished by tightening laces that coursed through a row of holes on each side of the two large panels, affixed to the back of the vest. As with all vests of the mid-19th century, this vest has three pockets – two on one side of the front, with only one pocket on the opposite side. The pockets are lined in brown, polished cotton. The interior of the vest is lined with a white, cotton linen material. The buttons are bone; the layover collar is lined (beneath the lapels) in a brown polished cotton. All buttonholes are hand-whipped, and the vest itself exhibits a combination of hand sewing and early treadle machine stitching. The colorful plaid vest front is in overall good condition, with the exception of wear-stress, seen beneath each front pocket. The rest of the vest is in strong condition. SOLD

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