C.R. Rees Color Tinted Albumen and Carte de Visite of Mary Ella Meredith


C.R. Rees Color Tinted Albumen and Carte de Visite of Mary Ella Meredith -These images were obtained by Perry Adams Antiques directly from the lineal descendants of the Cocke and Meredith families. Both the Cockes, owners of “Derwent”, the Powhatan County, Virginia home where Robert E. Lee stayed during the summer of 1865, to recuperate after the Civil War ended, and the Merediths (the family of Judge John A. Meredith, prominent Richmond attorney and one of three Richmond leaders who handed the city over to Union General Weitzel on April 3, 1865), had townhouses, on Franklin Street, in Richmond, just a couple of blocks west of the state capitol. Mary Ella was the sister of William Bernard Meredith, who enlisted in the Confederate army at the start of the war and would die, in Richmond, in August of 1862, at his parent’s home on Franklin Street. Mary Ella died in Richmond, two years later, in 1864.

The larger image, an albumen, enlarged by the famed Richmond photographer, C.R. Rees and hand-tinted by Rees’ artist, depicts Mary Ella, during the Civil War. The large image was taken from the plate used to print the accompanying, war period Carte de Visite of Mary Ella. The back of the larger image has a period, handwritten inscription, in pencil, identifying Mary Ella as the sitter. The CDV, with a Rees back mark, also is identified as Mary Ella, in a period, pencil inscription. The images are a poignant reminder of the tragedies endured by war-time citizenry, both North and South. The larger tinted albumen by Rees measures as follows: Ht. – 16.75″; Width – 14″

Mary Ella Meredith

Birth: Nov. 8, 1843 Death:             Dec. 23, 1864

Parents: John Alexander Meredith (1814 – 1882) and Sarah Ann Bernard Meredith (1817 – 1889)

Siblings: William Bernard Meredith (1839 – 1862),  Sally Roane Meredith (1845 – 1846), Elizabeth Bernard Meredith Cocke (1848 – 1922), Charles Vivian Meredith (1850 – 1930), John Clopton Meredith (1852 – 1856), Edward D. Meredith (1852 – 1879), Wyndham Robertson Meredith (1859 – 1940), Lelia Bernard Meredith Manning (1861 – 1947)

Burial: Shockoe Hill Cemetery - Richmond, Virginia - Plot: Range 17, Sec. 3

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