Civil War Officer’s Sword Belt and M1851 Belt Plate




Civil War Officer’s Sword Belt and M1851 Belt Plate – This is a superior example of the typical Civil War officer’s, high grade, sword belt rig; it exhibits an excellent example of the M1851, cast brass, officer’s Eagle plate and accompanying keeper. Both plate and keeper have a pleasing, age patina; both sword hangers are strong and retain their brass scabbard attachment snaps and adjustment studs. The belt is in excellent condition, with some minor scuffing and one small tear in one of the sword hangers; the style is the higher grade, pleated or folded and stitched leather, over an inner, heavy cotton canvas. Leather safes or protective pads are present beneath the plate keeper and the brass sword hook. As with most of these belts, the over-the-shoulder sling is no longer with the belt. This is a great example of the Civil War officer’s sword belt, in fine condition.

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