Civil War Period Man’s Dress Shirt



Civil War Period Man’s Dress Shirt  - This fine condition, c. 1860 man’s dress shirt, was made of a high quality linen. It is in the so-called “French Style”, exhibiting a contoured profile when looking at the entire, front of the shirt. Up until the late 1850s, men’s shirts were tailored as “straight down” on either side and not contoured to fit the shape of a man’s upper torso. In the early 1860s, French clothing styles and tailoring practices greatly impacted American men’s civilian and military fashion. This shirt, in near wearable condition, has the following typical, Civil War period attributes: gusseted areas under each arm, reinforced panels over each shoulder, gathered upper shoulder areas, button and button holes at the upper border of each cuff, hand-whipped button holes, milk glass buttons, brocaded placket front and a combination of hand and machine stitching. The shirt has a button in the back of the low collar to join a detachable collar to the shirt. This is the type of shirt many Civil War officer’s and enlisted men wore. The placket front is missing two milk glass buttons, but we can provide period buttons to the buyer.

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