Civil War Period Men’s White Linen Shirt


Civil War Period Men’s White Linen Shirt  - We used to be able to find Civil War period men’s shirts, on a somewhat regular basis; turning real Civil War period shirts has now become very difficult to do. This fine period shirt was constructed of thin white linen; it exhibits a finely pleated placard front, with hand whipped holes of the placement of button links. The collar is a band collar type; the sleeves have fine pleating at the top of the shoulder – a feature that is typical of shirts of the Civil War era.  Also typical of this period are the reinforced arm holes, band cuffs and the contoured body shape in the late 1850s to early 1860s style. Overall, the shirt remains in superior condition, with some feathered wear at the collar, with one small hole at the middle of the body. The back of the shirt has a small, period patched hole. This is a fine Civil War period shirt and would be a great addition to someone’s uniform display.

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