Civil War Period Mourning Brooch


Civil War Period Mourning Brooch – This mourning brooch is an example of a war period mourning brooch, an essential element of the elaborate mid-Victorian mourning ritual. The brooch was constructed of an ornately filigreed, brass oval which was both gilded and silvered; the decorative metallic elements surround a milky white interior onyx, agate or opal surround, that encircles a smaller glass framed oval that contains elaborately woven hair strains of the deceased. The back of the brooch exhibits two modes for the bereaved to wear the brooch – a single ring, so that the brooch might be worn on a chain, locket style; also, affixed to the back is a typical, period “T-pin” mode for attachment to the grieving wearer’s clothing. The brooch is in excellent condition. It measures as follows: Height – 2”; Width – 1.75”.