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Civil War Period Officer’s Saddle Pommel Holsters

Civil War Period Officer’s Saddle Pommel Holsters – This set of pommel holsters appears to have been for use with the M1860 Colt Army Revolver. The original brass end caps are missing, with the exception of a remaining brass, oval cylinder on one end cap. The overall condition of the leather of the holsters is good; the pommel yoke is supple and still complete and intact. Beneath each holster flap remains the stitching for the cartridge compartment, indicative of use to house a packet of Colt .44 ammunition. The flaps on both halves of this set of holsters are in good condition; both finials are in place on the holsters themselves, although the leather latch tabs are now gone. With a bit of restoration, these would make a great set of pommel holsters, great for display placement on a M1859 McClellan Officer’s saddle. SOLD

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