Civil War U.S. Naval Officer’s Frock Coat

Civil War U.S. Naval Officer’s Frock Coat – This coat is a fine and completely original example of a rare Civil War U.S. Naval officer’s frock coat, in superior condition. This coat was worn by an officer of the rank of Ensign, as indicated by the single, ¼” gold bullion band on each sleeve. The service star, above each rank band, and width of the rank band are indicative of the U.S. Naval Regulations of 1863 and 1864. The coat is made of a fine, English broadcloth, with the typical dark green, satinette lining, quilted in the chest area. There are the typical brown, polished cotton linings in both of the tail pockets; both sleeves are lined in period, white cotton. The sleeves evidence the mid-19th century style, ballooned elbows. All buttons are present and are all original sews, to the coat; they are all “Josh Starkey” backmarked. These Civil War period U.S. Navy frock coats are markedly rarer and harder to find than the typical Union officer frock coats – SOLD

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