PACW officer's frock coat2
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Civil War Union First Lieutenant of the Infantry Frock Coat


Civil War Union First Lieutenant of the Infantry Frock Coat – This frock coat is a superior example of Union officer’s frock coat. The coat, in overall fine condition, exhibits all of the characteristics that one looks for in a Civil War period frock coat – “balloon elbows” (measuring 7.25” – 7.5” in width); narrow cuffs (measuring 4.5” in width); long skirts (measuring 18” in length); collar height (1.25” – 1.5” in height); un-hemmed or raw cut skirts; functional button holes on cuffs; hand-whipped button holes overall; all original sew, coat size buttons are Eagle I, with war period “Extra Quality” back marks; all original sew, cuff buttons, war period Eagle I with plain backs; brown polished cotton lined tail pockets and breast pocket; heavy and detailed interior body area quilting; plain linen sleeve linings; greenish silk/cotton blend interior lining; Civil War period 1rst Lt. rank straps; black japanned hook collar closure. There are some seam openings in the interior lining and some age deterioration in one of the sleeve linings, but the coat retains its original vividly striking, dark blue color and has little to no significant mothing or moth tracking. This coat would make an excellent example of a typical Union officer’s frock coat to add to anyone’s collection.

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