Civil War Union Regulation Captain’s Frock Coat (Staff)


Civil War Union Regulation Captain’s Frock Coat (Staff) – This frock coat is most likely a late war example. Its overall color is a very dark, almost blue-black color. The wool body of the coat is constructed of a high quality, wartime, English broadcloth and features all of the period, Civil War frock coat characteristics: heavily quilted, polished green cotton, satinet lining; balloon elbows – cuffs measure 5.75” and elbows measure 7.75”.; pockets in both tails, lined with brown polished cotton; interior breast pockets, lined with brown polished cotton; dark blue velvet lined collar; collar height – 1.5” – 1.75”;  collar closure black japanned, iron hook and eye; length of skirts same as length of chest area – each 18” in length; un-hemmed, raw cut bottom edge of skirts; hand sewn, corded, keyhole style button holes; Civil War period, staff Captain’s rank straps; all Civil War period, Horstmann back-marked, staff, coat buttons – nine on the chest, four on the back / tails; striped, cotton sleeve linings – stripes are all even in size, unlike postwar sleeve linings that exhibit alternating sizes of stripes. This coat is in excellent condition, with little to no insect damage visible. The cuffs are not functional, and are currently missing the cuff buttons. We will supply these buttons and have them correctly sewn to each cuff, for an additional $75.