Confederate Side or Camp Knife with Tennessee ID

Confederate Side or Camp Knife with Tennessee ID – This is a great, “out of the woodwork” Confederate side knife, with a great Tennessee attribution. The knife, which is in overall great condition, does evidence some surface rust and pitting on the blade, but also, does exhibit a wonderful age patina on both the walnut handle and brass guard. Carved, in a folk art manner, on the walnut hilt is the following: “ LP TENN VOL”, on one side, while on the opposing side “1863”. Considerable dirt and age debris are firmly wedged into the crevices of all of the lettering and numbering of the latter carvings, buttressing and affirming the originality of this knife; also, the styling of the letters is quite typical of Civil War soldier’s carvings and lettering.

The knife has a crude, clipped pointed, iron blade that is affixed to the hilt, via a through-the-handle, end-peening process. At the distal end of the walnut handle is a brass tack that seemingly covers the end of the iron peen.  Between the handle and the brass guard is an iron ring. The walnut grip or handle also exhibits a fine age patina as well as some inconsequential, minor age cracks.

Overall measurements are as follows: Total Length: 11”; Blade Length: 7.25”; Hilt Length: 3.75”. This knife has been examined and vetted by knife and sword experts and is 100% guaranteed to be as described as a completely genuine and authentic Confederate side knife.SOLD


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