Lt. Col. George Sumner Burnham, 1rst Conn. InfantryDSC00974DSC00967DSC00968DSC00969DSC00970DSC00971DSC00973

CS Haversack Brought North as Souvenir by Lt. Col. G.S. Burnham 1rst Ct. Inf.


CS Haversack Brought North as Souvenir by Lt. Col. G.S. Burnham 1rst Ct. Inf. – This superior example of a Confederate officer’s haversack was brought back home by Lt. Col. George Sumner Burnham, after his short time in the U.S. Army. This haversack came from an old collection in upstate New York and is accompanied by two old narratives, one handwritten and one typed, describing the provenance of the haversack. The haversack is an archetypal CS haversack, constructed of light gauge, tarred or black painted linen and lined, in the main body interior, with a fine blue satinette; the smaller document pouch is lined in an off-white cotton linen. The bag is in very good condition, evidencing some field use and resultant wear, with a tear near where one end of the shoulder strap attached. The shoulder strap, as with most of these haversacks, is missing, although we found about one-third of the strap, constructed of thin, russet brown leather, still retaining its original, japanned roller buckle, inside the main pouch of the haversack. Stitching for the original attachments of the shoulder strap to the body of the haversack, are indicative of a Confederate style of handwork. These haversacks are quite rare and this example is in overall great condition, accompanied by a most interesting provenance. Haversack measures as follows: W – 14″; Ht. – 12″.