CS Richmond Musketoon – Type III Low Hump Example

CS Richmond Musketoon – Type III Low Hump Example: This CS Richmond is a superior example of the rare Type III, low hump musketoon. The lock plate is marked, as expected, with the vertically, die stamped date “1862” to the left of the hammer and the inscription “CS” above “RICHMOND, VA.” forward of the hammer. This CS Richmond rare musketoon has been examined by many experts in the Confederate arms field and confirmed as being totally authentic. The original Harper’s Ferry barrel remains at the original 30” length. The full stock is fastened by the requisite two barrel bands, both correctly marked with the off center “U”. There are the characteristic sling swivels on the upper barrel band and trigger guard. All mounts are iron. This example appears to have been designated for artillery use, as it has its original .58 cal. rifled bore, which is in excellent condition. The U.S. arsenal stamped “VP” is visible at the left rear of the barrel near the breech plug. Although the original sight is now missing, the Richmond sight mortise, with its unique “T” slot is correctly in place as a perpendicular extension of the sight mortise, allowing for a small bead on the underside of the sight to fit more tightly. The lock plate aperture does not have the groove cut for the Maynard primer device, which is correct. There are several period inlays in this gun’s stock, all of brass – there is a primitive star in the butt stock, as well as a diamond behind the tang of the breech plug and elongated diamonds on both sides of the first segment of the forestock. This gun is in overall excellent condition, and it is all completely original. This is a fine example of a rare CS Richmond musketoon. SOLD


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