Dug Civil War Period Boot Pistol


Dug Civil War Period Boot Pistol – This nice dug boot pistol is marked: “HERO” and directly overhead “A.S.T. Co” (American Standard Tool Company) – Estimated Production 5,000+ and was manufactured between 1861 and 1868. The American Standard Tool Co. of Newark, N.J.  was the successor to the Manhattan Firearms Company. The pistol is in good dug condition, but is missing its hammer and the percussion cap nipple.

This weapon was excavated on the Wilderness Battlefield, as the typed tag that accompanied the pistol states, in the 1980s and was part of Episcopal Rector (of the Civil War era Emmanuel Church in Richmond) Frederick Goodwin’s relic collection. Emmanuel Church served as a field hospital and campsite for both the Confederate and Union armies during the Civil War. Certainly, many Civil War Union and Confederate, enlisted men and officers carried, as additional protection, these diminutive boot pistols; indeed, many have been excavated from Civil War campsites and battlefields. SOLD



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