Dug SNY Belt Plate



Dug SNY Belt Plate  - The oval, SNY belt plate, for use by troops of the State of New York, followed the Federal Regulations of 1839 and was designed to secure a belt fitted over the soldier’s jacket; it was used to carry his cartridge and cap boxes, as well as his bayonet scabbard. The brass plate was stamped on thin sheet brass, which was filled with lead; it was configured as a right-handed buckle, with attachment studs under the “S. This plate has some obvious losses along the edges of the plate, but the majority of the face is in fine condition. All of the lead remains in the back of the plate. The plate was dug some time in the 1970s or 1980s and came from the collection of Frederick Goodwin, former Rector of c. 1859 Emmanuel Episcopal Church, in Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Goodwin was an avid relic hunter and collector; he dug many fine items, but it is not known if he dug this specific plate. All items in his relic collection were excavated in the Richmond area.