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Early 19th Century Sailor’s Whalebone Rope Fid


Early 19th Century Sailor’s Whalebone Rope Fid – The fid was a sailor’s, carrot shaped tool, generally with a rather smooth, non-decorated surface, often crafted while aboard a ship. The fid, frequently crafted of either hard wood, like lignum vitae, ivory or of whalebone, was used for a variety of shipboard, rope-related tasks – inserting thimbles into prepared rope, working knots, splicing rope and opening holes in a canvas sail. Fids were considered almost as important to the 18th and 19th century sailor as their knives. Fids of the clipper ship era could range in size from 8 “ to 20”, with some even larger. This fine example was crafted from whalebone; it has an incised detail at the larger end; it remains in excellent condition.

Measurements: L – 9.25″; Diameter of larger end – 1″