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Excavated M1832 Heavy Artillery Broadsword





Excavated M1832 Heavy Artillery Broadsword – It is quite rare to find an excavated specimen of this sword, much less in such fine condition as this one. This sword, recently obtained from an old time, Virginia collector, was excavated at Ft. Monroe, some time in the early 1960s, when a construction trench was dug at the fort. The sword comes with a tag that describes its provenance – the tag was written and attached by the long time collector, who was given the sword by the man who originally found it. This sword’s blade is in great, complete, excavated shape; the hilt is fine, as well, with some interesting numbers on both sides of the cross guards; one set of these numbers and letters clearly denotes “Co H”. This is a rare field find and is in very strong, dug condition. SOLD

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