Fine Civil War Confederate Holster


Fine Civil War Confederate Holster – This russet brown leather holster, configured to accept a M1849 Colt Pocket Model revolver, is in superior condition – the leather is supple and strong throughout. The flap is affixed to the holster body’s brass finial via a latch tab that is, in definitively Confederate style, attached, to the back of the holster by means of rather crude, heavy, rope-like threading; the tab is torn in one location where there is a slit to go over the finial, but the entire tab remains in tact. The belt loop, also on the back of the holster, is attached to the body by means of two crude copper rivets at the lower end of the loop and sewing along the upper end. The holster retains its original end plug, as well. One can still discern the impression made by a war period revolver cylinder, barrel and loading lever.

Measurements: Length – 10″.