Fine Confederate Side Knife With Original Scabbard

Fine Confederate Side Knife With Original Scabbard – This is a superior example of an original Confederate side knife, in its original scabbard. This knife has a turned, wood handle, retaining its original red wash stain. The handle or hilt was obviously handled and frequently held by its original owner, as the red wash has distinctly darkened from sweat in a handling area on the grip. The cross guard is constructed of a now mellow, patinated brass. The blade, strongly constructed of iron, is single edged and in excellent condition. The scabbard, constructed of a heavy, bridle leather, has a single sewn seam with a minor bit of separation, at the tip end of the scabbard. The original sheet brass, scabbard throat, with a teardrop belt frog, remains, as well. This is an excellent example of a Confederate side knife, worthy of any collection.


The knife and scabbard measure as follows: Overall length (scabbard and knife) – 18.5”; Overall length of knife – 17”; Blade length – 11”; Cross guard width – 4.2”; Hilt length – 5.75”; Scabbard length – 12.75”.

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