Fine Dug CS Tongue Belt Plate

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Fine Dug CS Tongue Belt Plate – This original, dug Confederate tongue is the “Virginia” pattern of the two piece sword belt buckle and is believed to have been manufactured in the Richmond, Virginia area. The C.S. letters on the buckle tongue are boldly cast. The buckle is in superior, dug condition evidencing very little ground action and maintaining a very pleasing, smooth, mellow, copper-brown patina. This CS, Virginia style tongue is cast; the tongue, disc bar is flat. The manufacturing of this plate, a product of war time production, may have been shared with more than one manufacturer, as there can be variations from one casting to the next. The plate was once in the collection of Emmanuel Episcopal Church (1859 church, still extant in Richmond, Va. – pivotal location during the Civil War as a hospital and campsite) Rector Frederick Goodwin, a longtime Civil War collector and relic hunter. The plate was excavated in the 1970s or 1980s, in the Richmond area.

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