Fine Example of Civil War Period Beaver Stovepipe Hat


Fine Example of Civil War Period Beaver Stovepipe Hat – We always are on the lookout for these hats, and this is the best example we have found in the last two or three years. This hat epitomizes the antebellum to war period stovepipe hat, made famous by President Abraham Lincoln; The body of the hat is composed of fine beaver on the entire exterior of the hat, as well as along the entire underside of the brim. The brim is bound in black, grosgrain silk ribbon, and the base of the crown is encircled with the same type of ribbon, incorporating a decorative bow. The profile of the crown exhibits the desired concavity collectors look for in these period hats. The interior of the hat exhibits a period, very wide, leather sweatband; the crown is lined in a blue-green paper, and the actual interior of the top of the crown is lined with a cross-hatched blue, gold and cream paper, with the hat maker’s name – “Pollard, Prather & Smith  135 Main Street Louisville.” embossed in gilt. The hat is in superior condition, with no significant dents; the beaver remains in excellent condition, as well, with very little age wear. This is an extra fine example of a real Civil War era stovepipe hat. The hat measures as follows: Height – 8“; Width of brim -  2.5“.