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Fine Model 1863 Type I Springfield Rifled Musket


Fine Model 1863 Type I Springfield Rifled Musket – This classic, .58 cal., primary military, long arm of the Civil War was manufactured by the Springfield Armory, in 1863; a total of 273,265 of these weapons were manufactured. The gun retains all of its original iron mountings, finished bright and is Federal inspector, cartouched twice, on the left side of the stock, opposite the lock plate. The original, steel ramrod is present, and the walnut stock remains in fine, untouched condition. The lock is marked: “US / SPRINGFIELD” below the nipple bolster, with an eagle impressed to the right of the hammer and in the nipple bolster itself; at the rear end of the lock plate is the date “1863”. On the breech of the barrel is stamped “V/P” above an eagle head, as well as the date “1863”. The tang of the butt plate is stamped with “US”. This rifle is in overall, excellent condition and retains a fine, clean bore.