Fine Original Civil War Captain of the Infantry Frock Coat


Fine Original Civil War Captain of the Infantry Frock Coat – This frock coat is certainly one of the better examples we have had. Apparently, the officer who had this coat tailored and spared no expense when he contracted for its construction. The coat has all of the correct, requisite attributes of a Civil War Federal Regulation, officer’s frock coat: skirt length comparable in length to length of the breast area; non-hemmed skirts; mid-19th century style, “ballooned” elbows; heavily quilted and padded, interior breast areas; single polished cotton interior breast pocket; cotton / muslin sleeve linings; brown, polished cotton linings to interior breast pocket as well as inside, requisite tail pockets; constructed of fine, deep blue English wool broadcloth; functioning cuff buttons “D. Evans, Eagle I” buttons; hand-whipped button holes, with the exterior outlines of the holes corded; all originally sewn buttons in place – “D. Evans, Eagle I” buttons; polished, green silky cotton interior lining. This coat is in superior condition with some scattered insect nips, but nothing egregious; as mentioned, the coat evidences a beautifully vivid, deep blue indigo color, as well. It retains its original, Captain of the infantry rank straps, which are also in fine condition; they are the double bullion, Smith’s patent variety. Many tailored officer’s frock coats, all being private purchase, evidence some interesting nuances, and this coat is no exception – the collar is a roll down type, not common, but not that rare, as many period images depict officers wearing coats with this type of collar. Overall, this coat is one of the best we have had in a long, long time.