Fine Original Civil War Officer’s Slouch Hat


Fine Original Civil War Officer’s Slouch Hat – These hats have become almost impossible to find anymore. This hat, in overall very good condition, is structurally sound; it exhibits period field use and weather exposure, but the fine, rabbit or beaver felt comprising the hat remains strong. The felt, as in all original Civil War slouch hats, has a “mellow”, highly pliable feel, unlike the thick, almost stiff felt of reproduction hats. The brim is bound in ribbed, black, grosgrain ribbon, and the crown is surrounded by an original officer’s hat cord. When we obtained the hat, it had the current insignia affixed to the front of the hat – a faux embroidered, sheet brass, officer’s infantry horn, a fancy, silvered number “38” within the horn and a large, sheet brass, company letter “B” above the infantry horn; all of the latter exhibit commensurate wear and tarnish. The interior of the hat exhibits period wear and use, but is in good condition; the sweat band is missing, as is the case with many of these original hats – Civil War sweat bands often just did not stand up to adverse weather conditions and heavy usage. Traces of the original, once black, now oxidized to brown thread that held the sweatband in place, remains. This is the first slouch hat we have been able to obtain in a long time, and it is a fine example.

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