Fine Quality Civil War Period Boots

Fine Quality Civil War Period Boots – This pair of boots is unquestionably from the Civil War period. They are high quality boots, that retain the original cloth pulls affixed to the interior of both pairs. The upper third of each boot has a panel of dark red, Moroccan leather that was embossed with a decorative pattern. The interior of the upper section of each boot is lined in a fine kid or calf-skin. Both of these attributes are indicative of a high quality boot. The boots also exhibit the desired Cuban, stacked heel, with the period styled concavity of each heel and square toes both characteristics indicative of a mid-19th century boot,. The soles are pegged and sewn to the uppers, and the heels are nailed with the original, period, square nails. Overall, the boots are in fine, supple condition, with some obvious flaking on the upper, decorative panels. So many boots that appear at shows and online today, simply are not of the Civil War period or are later, 19th century, farmer’s work boots; this pair is from the Civil War period and would have been worn by an officer or well-equipped enlisted man. The boots measure as follows: 15” high x 10.75” in length. SOLD

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