Fine Quality Civil War Slouch Hat




Fine Quality Civil War Slouch Hat – This hat was made of very high quality, beaver felt and therefore exhibits the most distinguishing feature of genuine, Civil War period slouch hats – a very “mellow”, supple, soft texture to the body of the hat. The hat retains its original, fine embroidered, infantry hunting horn insignia, mounted on a large pad of black velvet. In the middle of the horn’s circular bend, is what is seemingly a silver, number one. The hat also retains its original, acorn tasseled hat cord. Inside the hat, is its original, ox-blood sweatband, that is extremely wide – 2+ inches. The band, with its original reed stiffener, has come loose, but we can have it professionally re-tacked, should the new owner so desire. This hat is in superior condition, with little to no holes or wear areas. The soldier or officer who wore this hat added a black japanned hook, still in place on the brim, so that he might be able to fold the brim up and attach it to an eye, now gone from the exterior of the hat’s crown – the thread for this eye still is visible. The brim is bound in treadle chain stitching, perhaps indicative of western theatre origin and use, during the war. This is a fine and very hard to find hat.

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