High Quality Pre-Civil War to Civil War Period Boots


High Quality Pre-Civil War to Civil War Period Boots – This pair of boots is one of the highest quality boots that we have had; in addition, unlike most of the boots we now encounter at shows, this pair definitively dates from the 1850s to the mid-1860s. Somewhat diminutive in size, these highly styled boots exhibit all of the early characteristics that period boots should: stacked, concave “Cuban” heels; a high insole arch; fabric pulls attached in the inside of the boot leg; sewn soles (earlier process as opposed to the later, machine pegged soles); wooden sole brace as opposed to the later metal brace. The boots, with decorative and functional scalloped knee area fronts, evidence some minor decorative stitching. Within the interior upper legs of both boots, is a single, brown leather strap, with buttonhole, perhaps to facilitate the attachment of the boot to a pants leg. Overall, with the exception of some minor scuffing, the boots are in superior, supple condition; they appear to have been constructed of calfskin. The boot height is: 15” – 15.5”.

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