Id’d Civil War Period Carpet Bag


Id’d Civil War Period Carpet Bag – This fine example of a large, Civil War period carpet bag has a section of cotton taping, sewn to the inside lining of the bag, inscribed, in ink, with the name “Janette C. Browning”. The bag, composed of heavy, highly colorful, woven wool carpeting, with a tooled, black leather, brass studded bottom, is in excellent condition. The bag is lined with a coarse, buff colored cotton or linen; it retains its original locking mechanisms, as well as its brown finished, leather handles. There is a reparable seam separation along one side of the bottom juncture of the body of the bag and the leather bottom and some minor nips in the wool body, yet the bag is in overall superior shape. Janette Chapman Browning was born in 1846, in Rhode Island and would become the wife of Rowland Rathbun Barber, in 1868; she and Barber had four children. Janette Browning Barber died in 1913 and is buried in Yantic Cemetery, in Norwich, Connecticut. We were once able to find Civil War period carpet bags, but now find it very difficult to get decent examples; this bag is a fine mid-19th century specimen and is identified to its original owner. The carpet bag measures as follows: Width – 20″; Height – 15″.

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