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Id’d Confederate Haiman Staff and Field Officer’s Sword, Griswold Revolver and Holster – 39th Alabama


Id’d Confederate Haiman Staff and Field Officer’s Sword, Griswold Revolver and Holster – 39th Alabama - Exceptionally rare and important grouping consisting of the revolver, holster and sword carried by Capt. W.J. Sankey, Co. E of the 39th Alabama Infantry. This grouping has been in the Sankey family since Capt. Sankey carried all three during the Civil War and has been passed down, in the Sankey family, from generation to generation. Perry Adams Antiques obtained this important grouping directly from Sankey’s descendants – we will provide a notarized and completely itemized certificate of provenance to the purchaser. Included is the following:

 -       1rst Model Griswold Revolver, Ser. No. 861 (all numbers matching) in fine condition; cylinder indexes although mainspring is weak; original grips and nicely patinated brass frame

-       Haiman Staff and Field Officer’s sword with etched blade, in its original scabbard, both in superb condition; the upper scabbard mount exhibits the following engraved name and regiment: “Lt. W.J. Sankey  Co E” then scratched beside the latter engraving is: “39th Ala Regt”; the hilt retains all of its original leather wrap and brass wire

-       Russet brown leather Confederate holster, that perfectly configures to the profile of the Griswold;  although the original closure finial is missing, the leather is in overall, very good condition, exhibiting some minor flaking; the belt loop was originally hand cut and reinforced with crude iron rivets; there is some minor stitching loss along the seam of the holster

Captain Sankey enlisted as a 2nd Lieutenant and mustered out at the rank of Captain, serving in Co. E of the 39th Alabama throughout the entire war. The 39th Alabama saw considerable action including participation in the Battles of Missionary Ridge, Jonesboro, Chickamauga, the Atlanta Campaign, Murfreesboro and Bentonville.

William J. Sankey

Residence was not listed; Enlisted on 5/1/1862 as a 2nd Lieutenant. On 5/1/1862 he was commissioned into “E” Co. AL 39th Infantry (date and method of discharge not given) (Estimated date of enlistment)

 39th AL Infantry

Organized: Opelika, AL on 5/15/62; Mustered Out: 4/9/65 at Smithfield, NC



 The Thirty-ninth Alabama was organized in May, 1862, and went immediately to Mississippi, where it was brigaded under Gen. Frank Gardner with the Nineteenth, Twenty-second, Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth (Fiftieth) regiments. It went into Kentucky, but being generally in the reserve, its first battle of consequence was after its return, at Murfreesboro on December 31st, where it made a fine record.  The regiment behaved gallantly at Chickamauga, September 19 and 20, 1863, losing nearly 27 per cent of its force.

At Missionary Ridge, November 25th, it fought again with less loss.  The regiment wintered at Dalton, and fought under Hood through the Dalton-Atlanta campaign.  At Atlanta, July 20th to 22nd, it suffered great loss, and Colonel Clifton was severely wounded.

At Jonesboro, August 31st and September 1st, it was again in the sharpest of the fighting.  At Nashville, December 15th and 16th, a large number were captured.  The regiment went with Johnston into the Carolinas, fought its last fight at Bentonville, and was surrendered at Yadkin river bridge.

Maj. J. D. Smith was killed at Jonesboro, Captain Roberts in North Carolina, Capt. Willis Banks near Atlanta, Capts. T. Q. Stanford and Joseph C. Clayton at Murfreesboro, and Capt. C. H. Matthews at Peachtree Creek. The field officers were Henry D. Clayton, who was severely wounded at Murfreesboro and at Atlanta, promoted to brigadier, and afterward major-general, and displayed great skill and heroism to the end; Col. Whitfield Clark, Lieut.-Cols. James Flewellen, Lemuel Hargroves and W. C. Clifton.

Source:  Confederate Military History, vol. VIII, p. 178

Field and Staff Officers: Cols. Henry DeLamar Clayton (Barbour County; promoted to Brig. Gen’l); Whitfield Clark (Barbour; retired, 1864); William C. Clifton; Lt. Cols. James Thweat Flewellen (Barbour; resigned, 7 Oct 1862), Whitfield Clark (promoted), Lemuel Hargrove (Barbour; resigned, 8 Feb 1864), William C. Clifton (Russell); Majors Whitfield Clark (promoted); Lemuel Hargrove (promoted); Colin McSwean (resigned, 12 Oct 63); William C. Clifton (Russell); Drewry H. Smith (Barbour); and Adjutant Henry B. Tompkins

Captains, and counties from which the companies came:

  • Co. “A” (Pike): John W. W. Jackson (resigned, 13 Nov 62); James P. Nall (wounded; retired); Louis A. Robert (KIA, North Carolina)
  • Co. “B” (Barbour): Lemuel Hargrove (promoted to Major); Thomas J. Cox
  • Co. “C”, Pea River Rifles (Barbour): Colin McSwean (promoted to Major); Alexander J. Miller
  • Co. “D” (Henry): Lee A. Jennings (wounded, Murfreesboro; resigned, 24 Oct 63); Z. Dawson Matthews
  • Co. “E” (Russell): William C. Clifton (promoted to Major); Wiley E. Jones (died in service, 4 Feb 64); Thomas J. Wilkerson (KIA, 22 July 64); William J. Sankey
  • Co. “F” (State of Georgia): Abner H. Flewellen (resigned, 30 April 63); Willis D. Banks (KIA, near Atlanta, 1 Aug 64); Neil Gillis
  • Co. “G” (Henry and Barbour): T. Q. Stanford (KIA, Murfreesboro); Alexander A. Cassady
  • Co. “H” (Barbour): Joseph C. Clayton (KIA, Murfreesboro); John L. McRae
  • Co. “I” (Barbour): Whitfield Clark (promoted to Major); Drewry H. Smith (promoted to Major); William H. Dill

Co. “K” (Barbour): James T. Flewellen (promoted to Lt. Col., 15 May 62); Julius C. Mitchell (resigned, 2 Feb 63); Thomas J. Brannon


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