Id’d Acts of the Virginia General Assembly and Constitution of the Confederate States


Acts of the General Assembly for the State of Virginia and the Constitution of the Confederate States 1861-1862 – This is the book of John Coles Rutherfoord, antebellum lawyer from Goochland County, Virginia. Son of Gov. John Rutherfoord and Emily (Coles) Rutherfoord, the younger Rutherfoored was educated in private schools in Richmond, Washington College, now Washington and Lee, and the University of Virginia. Rutherfoored graduated from the University of Virginia in 1843, with the degree of Master of Arts. After graduation, Rutherfoord traveled abroad for a year, and, upon his return, he studied law, ultimatley joining, in a law partnership, with John H. Guy. Rutherfoord represented the County of Goochland, in the Virginia General Assembly, for twelve years. He married Anne Seddon, of Matthews County, Virginia; they resided at Rock Castle in Goochland, Viriginia. Rutherfoord, during the Civil War, remained a Confederate Congressman and practicing lawyer until January of 1864 when he enlisted, at the age of 38, as a private, in the 10th Virginia Cavalry, Company E. He was detailed, in July of 1864, to General Dearing’s Headquarters and participated in several episodes of combat until the end of the war. Rutherfoord died shortly after the end of the war on August 14, 1866 and is buried in Shockoe Cemetery in Richmond.