Mid-19th Century Civil War Period Men’s Pants


Mid-19th Century Civil War Period Men’s Pants – These pants were manufactured from the early, fine English, wool broadcloth and are black in color. They were tailored by hand and by early, machine-sewing processes, as evidenced by the hand-whipped, buttonholes, as well as early, corded buttonholes. The presence of the coarse, buckram-like lining to the interior bottom of both cuffs, as well as the subtle flair to each cuff, are characteristics indicative of c. 1850s to 1860s style wear. The size adjustment straps on the back of the pants, can be secured by the typical, black japanned buckle. Finally, also typical of mid-19th century men’s pants, is the high, back rake of the pants, when looked at in profile. These pants are in superior condition, with no insect damage whatsoever. SOLD

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