Mid-19th Century Sea Scene – Blockade Runner


Mid-19th Century Sea Scene – Blockade Runner – This diminutive, yet extremely well executed, sea scene depicts several multi-masted ships, as well as a steamer, in motion, with smoke coming from its stack. The stretcher is original and made of yellow pine; the gilded, decorative frame appears to be period, as well. The canvas is in strong condition, but the painting could use a cleaning; with a good cleaning, this painting would be quite impressive. It certainly does appear that the steamer might be a blockade-runner, with Union ships in pursuit. Regardless of subject matter, this is a fine seascape. The painting’s measurements are as follows: Frame size: L – 14.5” x  W – 10”; Sight size: L – 10.75” x W – 6.5” SOLD


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