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Mitchell & Tyler Foot Officer’s Sword, M1860 Colt Army, Confederate Muster Roll of Captain John W. Lewis, 1rst Virginia Light Artillery



Civil War Period Confederate Mitchell and Tyler Foot Officer’s Sword, M1860 Colt Army Revolver, Confederate Muster Roll for the 1rst Virginia Regiment of Light Artillery and Civil War Period Artillery Priming Horn – All Possessions of Captain J.W. Lewis, 1rst Va. Regiment Light Artillery – This fine and rare grouping of the military possessions of Captain J. W. Lewis, 1rst Va. Regiment of Light Artillery, includes the following: Lewis’ Mitchell and Tyler foot officer’s sword, his M1860 Colt Army (with three cylinder chambers still holding original rounds), his completed Confederate muster roll and a large artillery priming horn, retaining traces of original red, artillery paint. All of the latter are in very good condition – there is a minor seam tear in the leather scabbard and loss of the drag, although both original, Confederate sword drop snaps remain on the scabbard rings; the pistol is in good condition, with some surface pitting, and all the numbers match, with the exception of the cylinder number which is one digit off of the rest of the gun – all matching serial nos. – #53465, with the exception of the cylinder, which is numbered one digit off at #53464 (date of manufacture – 1862); the rare, Confederate muster roll is in excellent condition, as is the priming horn.  The Confederate Muster Roll is for the 1st Virginia Regiment of Light Artillery, signed by Captain Lewis. Perry Adams Antiques obtained this entire grouping from Michael Cherry, of Brevard, North Carolina. Mr. Cherry obtained the entire grouping from Walker Millner, great grandson of Captain J.W. Lewis. Mr. Cherry obtained this grouping, from Mr. Millner, some time shortly prior to Mr. Millner’s death, in 2005. We will provided the purchaser of this grouping with the complete, detailed lineage  and provenance of this group.