Model 1839 U.S. Cartridge Box and Brown Buff Sling


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Federal Cartridge Box, Pattern of 1839 for .69 cal. Smoothbore Ball - This box is a rare example of the pattern 1839 US Army issue cartridge box and buff sling. These boxes were issued to the US infantry throughout the Mexican War, but saw continued use into the Civil War. They were designed to carry 40 rounds of .69 cal musket ammunition, inside the original tin liners, which remain in the box. The original inner and outer flaps remain, as well. The brass US oval plate, attached by a pair of original leather thongs, is in place on the outer flap. The regulation shoulder strap, made of brown buff leather, retains the original eagle plate, also held in place by two leather thongs. The pattern 1839 Cartridge Box is easily recognized by the absence of belt loops on its reverse, as it was designed for shoulder strap use only. This rig is in overall fine condition; one of the outer flap ears is missing, but the box remains supple and the leather strong. Both plates are original. The sewn latch tab is present, although broken; the missing section will come with the box and can be repaired.  These boxes are quite difficult to obtain now.

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