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Model 1881 U.S. Army Signal Corps Dress Helmet – Indian War Period


Model 1881 U.S. Army Signal Corps Dress Helmet – This fine example of a late Indian War U.S. Army dress helmet is in overall good condition, with one modest seam opening in the exterior black wool. Its horsehair plume and aiguillette both exhibit great color and are both in excellent condition. Both side buttons depict the crossed signal flags, and the front eagle insignia has a pair of silver, crossed signal flags affixed to the eagle’s shield. The interior of the helmet, constructed of a thin cotton, is in fair, somewhat soiled condition; the maker’s label, at the crown of the hat, indicates that the well known military supplier, Ridabock & Co., made the it. The underside of the brim has several breaks in the leather; most of the original sweatband is missing, with some remnants remaining. The mode of attachment of all of the insignia is indicative of being the actual original mode – this hat is not a post-era put-together. When displayed, this hat is exceedingly impressive. These 1881 helmets are truly unique in appearance and are representative of the end of the Indian War era.