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Non-dug Civil War 3lb. Ketchum Hand Grenade


Non-dug Civil War 3lb. Ketchum Hand Grenade – This 3lb. Ketchum hand grenade is in fine, non-dug condition. It has what appears to be an extremely well-crafted reproduction of its original fins and plunger/striker. The Ketchum, patented in August of 1861 by William F. Ketchum, who was the mayor of Buffalo, NY, was sparingly utilized by Federal troops, most notably at the sieges and various engagements around Vicksburg and Petersburg. These rather unwieldy weapons came in 1, 3 and 5 pound iterations and have the appearance of a dart, using its fins for stabilization when thrown by a soldier; the fins attempted to insure that the impact of the grenade would be on its plunger, which, in turn, was designed to slam into the interior of the grenade on a percussion cap, thereby igniting the internal powder charge. The necessity of landing on the nose of the grenade rendered most of these weapons to be rather inefficient.

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