Original Pre-Civil War Staff Officer’s Bridle Rosette


Original Pre-Civil War Staff Officer’s Bridle Rosette - This rare pre-war, Staff Bridle Rosette features a “droop wing”, staff eagle surrounded by 13 stars, encircled by a floral motif, decorative surround. The rosette, constructed of die-stamped brass, with its back filled with lead based solder, is affixed to a decorative and protective scalloped disc of leather; the rosette is attached to the leather disc by means of an iron wire bar, soldered to the back of the disc. The leather strapping of the officer’s headstall or bridle would course through this bar, holding the rosette in place. The rosette measures about 1.75″ to 2” in diameter; both the rosette and leather disc are in overall, fine condition. These staff officer rosettes are quite rare, and this is the first one that we have had.