Original Civil War Fine Linen Staff Officer’s Vest


Original Civil War Fine Linen Staff Officer’s Vest – This fine, original Civil War officer’s vest is constructed of a high quality, pleated white linen and lined with a flat or smooth linen. The vest front body exhibits the war period pocket configuration of two pockets on the wearer’s left side and one pocket on the wearer’s right side; the collar is the typical, war period stand-up variety. The front closure buttons are nine, Civil War Union staff officer cuff buttons, attached via brass bachelor rings; the shank of each button extends through hand-whipped button shank holes, with the opposing button holes also hand-whipped and corded. The back of the vest, constructed of a white linen, exhibits two cotton size adjustment straps, tightened by a gilded brass two-tined buckle. The vest was constructed with a combination of treadle machine stitching and handwork. The vest is in excellent condition.