Original Civil War Holster for the Colt .44 Army Revolver


Original Civil War Holster for the Colt .44 Army Revolver – This holster is one of the types manufactured expressly for use with the Colt .44 Army Revolver. It is contoured to fit this revolver, unlike the later, war-time holster that was not contoured and was more for generic use, for the Remington, Whitney, Colt, etc. This holster has its original latch tab, finial and end plug in place; the belt loop is attached to the body of the holster via three rivets. The holster flap has stamped, on the flap, what appears to be two large letters “B” and “D”; in addition, there appears to be smaller, impressed letters, perhaps the initials of a government inspector. The holster is in overall very good condition, with some noticeable, but not flaking, alligatoring on the flap. These early, Colt M1860, configured holsters, in good condition, are getting much more difficult to find.