Civil War Officer’s Slouch Hat

Original Civil War Officer’s Slouch Hat

Original Civil War Officer’s Slouch Hat – This slouch hat is a superior example of a high quality, Civil War Officer’s slouch hat, with an affixed, original, officer’s, artillery crossed cannon insignia. The hat was manufactured out of a very fine, mellow, soft beaver felt; it retains its original, black, grosgrain silk, ribbed ribbon, surrounding the hat’s crown. The brim of this hat is bound with black, silk grosgrain ribbon, as well. Inside the hat is the original, fine, thin leather sweatband, which is 3” wide. The style of this slouch hat is comparable to the type worn by General Ambrose Burnside. Tantalizingly, inked on the unfinished side of the sweatband, in period ink, are the initials “W.P.W.” The hat came from a family estate, and we are working on identifying the original owner, who, according to the family, was wounded, by shrapnel, in the head – hence, the small hole in the crown. As of this writing, we cannot confirm this, so the hat is priced as a very nice example of a rare, Union officer’s slouch hat, in excellent condition. SOLD

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