Original Civil War Period Field Snare Drum and Sling

Original Civil War Period Field Snare Drum and Sling



Original Civil War Period Field Snare Drum and Sling – This fine snare drum is still in its original size configuration – 13” high X 15” in diameter. Many of these Civil War period drums we find today, have been cut down, but this example still retains its original dimensions. Both drum heads are original and in excellent condition; the tension ropes appear to be original, and five, original leather, tension ears remain. The drum is composed of stained, bent maple and has a thermoplastic lined sound hole. There is no maker’s label visible inside the drum body. The rarely retained snare tightening device is still present, as are all of the original gut snares, affixed to the opposite side of the drum rim by some nicely carved, wood pins. Accompanying this excellent snare drum is a rare, original drum sling, composed of a blue and white striped, heavy cotton; the sling is still attached to the drum, via a nice, early forged ring and footed bracket. The sling, where attaching to the ring, has its original leather segment affixed to the sling hook. It is likely that this drum was issued to a state or militia unit, just prior to the Civil War. This is an excellent example of a Civil War snare drum, still retaining its original sling.

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