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Original Civil War Period Model 1852 U.S. Naval Officer’s Sword


Original Civil War Period Model 1852 U.S. Naval Officer’s Sword – This M1852 USN Officer’s sword dates to the Civil War period and is in excellent condition. The sword was marketed by Horstmann & Sons of Philadelphia, as indicated by their etched name on the blade, near the ricasso. On the ricasso is an impressed knight’s head and, in combination with the etched words “IRON PROOF” on the upper spine of the blade, also near the ricasso, it is evident that the blade was constructed of German steel and imported by Horstmann, for sale in the U.S. The hilt is wrapped in shagreen or rayfin, with a single strand of twisted, brass wire in the furrows. The brass guard, knucklebow and pommel exhibit a variety of floral and aquatic, decorative motifs; the underside of the guard has the cast letters: “USN”. The pommel cap exhibits a cast eagle surrounded by thirteen stars. The blade exhibits some wear and weather exposure along the first fourth of the blade, although the decorative etching is quite visible; only small bits of the original washer beneath the guard remain. The majority of the blade is in excellent condition, with a lot of silvery “frosting” remaining, complemented by fine decorative etching in floral and naval motifs. The accompanying scabbard, constructed of shagreen or rayfin, is in excellent condition; both brass sword mounts are present and in good shape, as is the dolphin tipped drag. This is an excellent example of the Model 1852 U.S. Navy Officer’s sword, from the Civil War period.