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Original Civil War Regulation Union Infantry Officer’s Pants


Original Civil War Regulation Union Officer’s Pants – Civil War military pants are always very hard to find, in any condition. This pair, in overall excellent condition, exhibits all of the required regulation features for a U.S. Army, Civil War officer in the infantry. They are constructed of a fine, deep indigo blue, British broadcloth wool and retain the sky blue, infantry branch of service welt or cording along both outside pants’ legs. The pants exhibit, as well, a telltale characteristic of Civil War era pants – a high rising profile, along the back of the pants, when viewed folded, and in profile. The brass belt adjuster is dated 1855, with both adjustment straps still present; the original buckram, mud protector linings remain in the interior, bottom cuffs of both pant legs. All fly and brace buttons, constructed of black, japanned tin, also remain. The front pockets are the squared, dog-eared type, also typical of regulation pants. Cloth covered buttons are at the center of the waist closure area and on one corner of one of the pockets; one pocket button is missing. There are some holes on the right side of the fly that Perry Adams has had backed by our conservator, so they are hardly visible. There is some wear along the cuffs, as well. The interior lining, in the waist area, is the typical cotton linen. This is a fine example of rare, Union officer, regulation pants.

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